Happy Extra Curriculam

Spiritual Activities:
  1. Meditation and Silent Sitting
  2. Value Education
  3. Teaching of the Vedas
  4. Service Activities
  5. Seminar on Human Values
  6. Value Festival
  7. Celebration of all Religious Festivals
Other Activities :
  1. Personality Development Course / Spoken English Course
  2. International Competitive Exams
  3. Career Guidance
  4. Computer Course
Future Predicted School

Computer have impacted our daily activities. Distances are shorttened and well bridged now due to the latest development in chip technologies. Our lifestyle is now defined and controlled by computers. There is computer involved is almost all the fields. to be specific, education has been completely transormed with the help of computers.

Computer labs at JMPS posses the up-to-dated software and hardware that the students can use and benefit from. Students are being trained intensively in computers. This makes them adopt using them.