Club Activities

Literary Club

English literary dub has conducted various competitions and activities to improve skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The different competition such as handwriting, speech, poem recitation, debate, story telling, word-O-word, jam, Tongue twister etc is conducted. The winners are awarded with certificates.

Math Club

The function of maths club are fun based. These help the school children CO enjoy, appreciate and acquire basic knowledge in maths by organizing competition group activities and puzzles. Math fun game, Lab kid game, Tables Recitation, Album competition etc, were some of the activities of MATH dub.

Historical Club

 Historical club conducted many competitions & activities such as food festival, field trips and fashion parade, Drama to inculcate the moral values and to spread the message of humanity among our school students.

Go Green Club

Go green club conducted many competition and activities to enhance the mental ability of children, science quiz, debate. group discussions, model making were organized to make children more effective in science


Hindi nivas conducted various activities to improve the values of Hindi language among the students. It conducted Hindi Handwriting, Dictation, Speech, Story telling, Dohe recitation, Quiz etc.

IT Club

To make the children multi talented, IT Club has conducted many practical work outs in Computer Lab which sharpen the minds of the students and update them with the current knowledge.